Research and Innovation

Leading the Way in Knee Pain Management, Injury Prevention, and Promoting Women in Physiotherapy

Aside from their clinical roles many of our team also work in research, leading projects focussed on improving knee pain outcomes, reducing injury, tackling chronic pain and promoting women in academia & sport. As a clinic we are passionate about being at the forefront of physiotherapy practice and regularly participate as treating practitioners in clinical trials. Current trials include;

MEMOIR     GMI and education for CRPS (conducted by NeurRA at UniNSW)

END-IT        Endometriosis study (conducted by Helena Frawley at Melb Uni)

SUPER KNEE      Improving outcomes after ACL surgery (conducted by Adam Culvenor La Trobe University)

EPIPHAKNEE     Education for knee OA (conducted by Tasha Stanton, David Butler, Kim Bennell& Lorimer Mosley University of SA and University of Melbourne)

PREPTOPLAY  Reducing knee and head injuries in womens AFL (Kay Crossley, Brooke Patterson, Sallie Cowan La Trobe University)