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Osgood-Schlatter Disease: Let’s Get Proactive!

This might surprise you, but 1 in 10 adolescents experience knee pain that stops them taking part in the exercise they love. Most of these young people would struggle to tell you the name of their knee condition (it’s a mouthful), but what they can easily recall is the characteristic painful lump, and significant time out of their sport. Osgood-Schlatter…

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Low Back Pain

Low back pain is a very common condition with up to 80% of the population experiencing back pain at some time during their lives. Although the cause back pain is usually not serious, we know it can be persistent and it can cause considerable distress. Most back pain will improve with simple advice, rest and time. Your physio can help…

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Aside from their clinical roles many of our team also work in research, leading projects focussed on improving knee pain outcomes, reducing injury, tackling chronic pain and promoting women in academia & sport. As a clinic we are passionate about being at the forefront of physiotherapy practice and regularly participate as treating practitioners in clinical trials. Current trials include; MEMOIR…

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Thank You

Thank you for your enquiry. Your message has been submitted and someone from our team will be in touch shortly. If you have the time, why not take a look at some of our recent projects? Go To Home Page

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Do you do enough exercise to stay healthy?

We are commonly asked “How much exercise do I need to do to stay healthy?”  Not surprisingly there are clear evidence based guidelines from the World Health Organisation; check out our infographic below – in a nutshell we need 150 minutes of cardio each week and 2-3 sessions of strength every week. Need help getting started? Come in and speak with one of our physios we can help to get you moving. read more

Acute back pain? We can help!

Acute back pain can start with something as minor as putting on your socks or getting out of bed! With any back pain, there are a few important things to remember: Back pain is really common and shouldn’t be something to be afraid of. Almost 4/10 adults are estimated to have had some back pain over a twelve month period…

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Desk Chair Setup

Having your office chair well set up is important to keep your spine happy. The basic features of a good office chair are : HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE PELVIC TILT COMFORTABLE LUMBAR SUPPORT Adjust chair height keeping your knees level or just below hip height with your feet flat on the floor. If your seat has a pelvic tilt, set to a…

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Georgia Craven

Georgia Craven Physiotherapist & Clinical Pilates Instructor Georgia completed her Bachelor of Applied Sciences and Master of Physiotherapy Practice at La Trobe University and has experience working across a wide range of clinical areas. Since graduating, Georgia has primarily worked in the public health setting and has enjoyed working with people with a variety of musculoskeletal conditions in both inpatient…

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Rosie Purdue

Rosie Purdue Womens Health & Sports Physiotherapist/ Clinical Pilates Instructor Rosie has a special interest in women’s health and paediatrics. Rosie particularly likes working with antenatal and postnatal clients and believes in active rehab. She has completed two post-graduate certificates at Melbourne Uni; Pelvic Floor & Continence Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine. She is a clinical Pilates instructor and incorporates clinical…

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Phoebe Drysdale

Phoebe Drysdale Physiotherapist & Clinical Pilates Instructor Phoebe graduated from Bond university in 2017 with a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science and a Doctor of Physiotherapy.   Phoebe has worked in various roles across Queensland and Melbourne, both within hospital and private practice settings. Phoebe has a solid foundation and deep understanding of exercise rehabilitation and is passionate about…

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